Monday, May 04, 2009

New Earth Energy Images site

I've not been doing much on the eco blog so far this year because I've been busy with my new photo site, Earth Energy Images. Friends have given me lots of encouragement with my stuff and its spurred me on to get get a much better website going. I've just had my first exhibition too. Many thanks to everyone for their support.

Earth Energy Images links up with this eco-blog and with my therapy work. One of my main themes is to make these eco/creativity/healing connections, it's all part of my hope for the future. More below on that.

the continuing saga of the World's Slowest Yurt

At last I've got my yurt frame finished...

Our friend Jamie gave me some crucial help with block foundations and joists for the floor and with putting up the walls and first few roof poles.
Thanks Jamie! I think you've found a new niche there...

The frame was much easier to put up on this 18mm spruce ply floor, it is easier to get it laid out in a circle and the whole thing is just much more solid.
A big moment - Jamie and I get the crown and first 4 roof poles up and it stays there.

And there it is sitting in the garden. No need to cut the grass now...well there isn't any left...

First mug of tea in the yurt. Next job is making the canvas cover - steep learning curve coming up again as I've never used a sewing machine before.


We're sitting on a time bomb and nothing much is really being done about it!
How long do we have before the effects of climate change, peak oil and loss of resources really start to hit us? My guess is that we are going to see some events in the next ten or twenty years that will really shake us and make all this financial stuff look completely trivial.

At least it's all a bit more mainstream these days, here's the Met Office on climate change:
Note their chilling line, "Climate change may already be a contributory factor in conflicts in Africa".

In the therapy world we talk about the development of human consciousness a lot. Debi and I work with an amazing guy, Gary Mannion, who does Psychic Surgery. He works with energies from a different realm or dimension and my hope is that we will similarly develop new ways of working with materials, plants and with each other that will help Mankind to survive. Far fetched? Well maybe, but I think it's actually the best hope we have.