Sunday, December 18, 2011

Treflach Farm, November 2011

Misty sunrise
I've had a busy few weeks since starting to work at Treflach Farm, doing a lot of woodwork amongst other farming stuff. There's always loads to do, frames and doors to fit, ceilings to be insulated and panelled, a kitchen to fit... It's good to be doing plenty of practical stuff and very interesting to be doing it at Treflach where we are actively working on transition solutions. We have an engineering workshop on the farm and will be making space for a woodwork area too. Farmer Ian is interested in making things as well and has an engineering background - I'm sure we'll come up with some great ideas. I'm really enjoying working with everyone on the farm - what a great team!

The same morning a bit earlier
 The piece of land where Ruth and I were planning to build our yurt-in-a-polytunnel-rocket-powered home is a sea of mud at the moment since being dug up for some recent cable laying so we haven't even made a start with that. Friends of mine in Scotland, Alex and Mick, who kindly put me up for a few great days on my way down from Perth - see Bronze Age in the Borders - lost their polytunnel during Hurricane Bawbag a couple of weeks ago which made me think that the whole idea needs a rethink anyway. Ah well, I'm learning not to keep my ideas too fixed - as John Lennon said, "Life's what happens when you're making other plans."
Busy green woodworking session at Treflach on the October Permaculture design course - what a great experience that was!