Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Storm Clouds Gather...

A couple of clips from The Oil Drum - a good source of in-depth, reasoned comment, well worth checking out if you don't already know about it:
A new paper by NASA’s James Hansen suggests that immediate and drastic declines (ca. 6% annual) in industrial CO2 emissions are required to avoid catastrophic climatic destabilization. As no realistic political solution exists for such immediate CO2 reduction, prospects for a livable future have now become dependent on a single back-breaking option: rapid global economic collapse. And in ‘Deus ex machina’ style, we may get it just in time.

...and this from Richard Heinberg, also in The Oil Drum:
At the core, though, all of these uprisings are about the simultaneous failure of modern economics and modern politics—even though systems differ somewhat from country to country. People in all of the nations mentioned have one thing in common: crushed expectations. Economists and politicians have promised jobs and growth, but instead citizens are seeing spreading unemployment, rising food and energy prices, and increasing economic inequality. Nowhere are there realistic prospects for a political remedy to worsening economic conditions. Thus, while unrest seems destined to spread and intensify in the months and years ahead, it has no clear long-term strategy or goal. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ME and MINE Art Camp for Powys Young Carers

Lots of interesting geodesic goings-on
I was helping my friends Sue and Richie with the catering for this event, lots of people there, maybe 80 or 90 altogether. With many of them being kids I did have a few concerns about how it would go... but as it turned out this was a wonderful, fun, high-energy few days. Inspiring and sometimes moving, it was great just to see everyone getting on - and they did some fantastic artwork too.
Love all these colours and shapes...
The event was at Sychpwll, pronounced "suchpoochl", meaning "dry pool", refering to an ancient safe river crossing point. The site has been developed over many years by Pete Hendry and has lots of interesting low-impact buildings and features, including a vast photvoltaic array. It was an excellent venue for the camp and we hope to use it for Sector39 courses soon. More about Sychpwll here.

...but the final word goes to the kids.

Roots-Up at CAT

Steve talking on Permaculture during the first Welsh Living Landscape Festival at CAT
A couple of pics of the new WISE building at CAT, the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth - Steve's talks there last month went really well and sparked off some interesting questions afterwards including: 
"Examples of roots up projects are all very well but will they ever become big enough to make a difference?"
But what's happening with the Facebook revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa if that's not a roots-up phenomenon? And of course CAT itself started in a disused slate qwuarry back in 1974...
Lots of interesting angle and shapes in CAT's WISE building. A lovely feel to the place thanks to the natural materials used, on the right the impressive rammed earth walls of the theatre.


24th September 2011 at the RISC roof garden, Reading. Learn about urban permaculture and designing your edible landscape in this stunning, well-established, food forest ON A CITY ROOF. More HERE and see poster below.
More about this amazing garden on the Sector39 blog

All 2011 dates:

JULY 2011
10th Forest Gardening at Treflach

10th, 11th Introduction to Permaculture, Hay Farm
16th, 17th, 18th Introduction to Permaculture and Edible Forest Gardening at Sych Pwll: £60
24th Forest Gardening day at RISC: £45

1st, 2nd W/E 1 Hereford PDC
8th to 22nd two week Permaculture Design Course at Treflach
29th 30th W/E 2 Hereford PDC

26th 27th W/E 3 Hereford PDC