Sunday, June 09, 2013

Nice weather at last...

We're appreciating the fine weather so much after all the rain last year and the long cold winter. It's such a pleasure to be living out here at the moment with the peace and quiet - save for bird song and bursts of tractor activity - with so much wild woodland about it feels like being right in the middle a forest. It's brilliant to be making progress with all the things I wanted to be involved with, living a simpler life closer to the Earth and having so much going on in the therapy/healing world too.
I heard the strangest honking bird song the other morning and thought it must be a swan but no, it was the Great Honk Bird

Wonderful blossom this year

We have the beginnings of a garden here and have been doing more on the outside of the caravan. We're determined to have a much more cosy winter than last one.
Ruth has lots of brilliant salads growing at the moment...

...and loads more stuff ready to plant out.
And lovely to have Faze with us on the farm helping out with anything and everything in between gong sessions