Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Blog: Ian Watt Therapy and Ecology

I've set up a new blog, Ian Watt Therapy and Ecology where I'll be posting up all my eco news along with stuff about my therapy and healing work, bringing the two worlds together just as I've been talking about for years... so do please check that out, I will make sure I have my head in the clouds and feet on the ground as much as possible. Here's the link again: Ian Watt Therapy and Ecology
There's so much the two worlds can learn from each other. Therapists generally focus on treating their patients, they might include their patients' relationships with other people in sessions, but how can healing not include a patient's relationship with the environment, the Earth and all life? And permaculture, sustainable living and other eco-projects most often seem to fail because of personality clashes, where people don't understand the dynamics of their behaviour and interactions with other people in their patterns and roles, where some deep therapy could really help. So that's what the new blog is all about, bringing the worlds of therapy and ecology together.