Friday, September 09, 2011

Stop Believing, Start Perceiving

We're awash with opinion, articles, news and it's very easy only to read the stuff that confirms your current beliefs. I've been trying out the idea of not believing anything and I'm finding that it really helps. I think of my current understanding of the world, life etc as just that - an understanding which needs constant input and tweaking. There seems to be a lot of really shallow stuff out there, for example here's three articles on the same subject, Shale Gas, one from the Financial Times: which is all for Shale Gas exploitation. If you read it and believe it you'll probably think all our problems are solved. But then if you go on to read the Oil Drum or George Monbiot on the same subject you might wonder why such a worthy organ as the FT has printed such an un-informed and under-researched load of rubbish... Let's draw our information from wide and far and keep our minds open to fresh understanding. Is there an Ultimate Ttruth anyway?

Friday, September 02, 2011

kilowatt hour possible base for currency?

Just an idea I had the other day, but why not use an energy unit, eg the kilowatt hour, as a base for currency? It could work locally or nationally, would be just the same all over the world and wouldn't need big piles of gold stashed away anywhere. And what exactly are the dollar, pound, euro etc based on at the moment? The kilowatt hour has got to be better than ever-thinning fresh air....
its a while since the pound in your pocket was based on on a fixed weight of gold...