Friday, December 17, 2010

Titanic 2 - Full Steam Ahead !!

Life on Earth surges full steam ahead towards Multi-Catastrophe on board some doomed Titanic 2 piloted by deaf, dumb and blind politicians in the pocket of deaf, dumb and blind Big Biz - and this time the ship is already creaking at the seams and popping its rivets. Which catastrophe first? Climate Chaos, Peak Everything, Drought, Famine, Financial Collapse, Resource Wars, Extinctions, Ice Sheet Collapse...or maybe all of them together? With ice on the menu, here's a little morsel in that chilly vein: Antarctic Ice Melting,  and if the image of a six foot sea level rise over this century doesn't send a shiver down your spine what will?

...or maybe everythings alright really and these problems have all been dreamed up by a gang of scare-mongering Hippy New Age Illuminati hell-bent on spoiling your fun? I don't think so...but don't believe me, do some research for yourself, go to the sources, GET READING, GET THINKING, GET TALKING AND GET READY !!

...AND just one more thing, START YOUR READING HERE: President Nasheed of the Maldives speaking to the Oxford Student Union earlier this month; transcript on Steve's Blog,

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