Monday, May 24, 2010

Even on a Saturday afternoon the main streets in Perth never get too busy.
Here are a few photos from Perth to give you an idea of what it's like here - it's not a bad place to live at all! ...and May is one of the best months. Loads of flowers and blossom everywhere and temperatures surging well above freezing (ha ha)...
Blossom everywhere...

View of Perth from one of the islands in the Tay - regularly flooded so nice and wild.
You don't have to go far to find some wild places around Perth, places that aren't manicured and squeezed dry of every last drop of profit. It's very refreshing after the intensity of the South. There's just so much more SPACE up here.
Greyfriars Cemetry,  just round the corner from my flat. Lovely old trees and ground left wild during the summer - scope for wildlife and foraging of chickweed etc.

A turn in the path near the top of Kinnoull Hill

Subject of many a postcard - looking South-East from the top of the cliffs on Kinnoull. Sadly, the castle is just a Victorian fake...

My flat, up amongst the steeples.

My chum Joyce and I saw the lamb on the left arrive into the world, the one on the right is just a few hours old. (I took this photo back in April, a few miles outside the city.)

Here is a busy day on the South Inch. A small crowd is almost beginning to gather to the left of the photo.

Me trying to fit on one of the bendy benches on Tay St

The Perth skyline looking a bit medieval.

Looking out over the city from the West side of Kinnoull Hill.

Here are three pictures from a series of nine I've worked up from a walk round the Birks at Aberfeldy, a bit North of Perth. I love all these different textures and mysterious depths. Come and see the whole set on my stall at Art on the River this weekend, 29th and 30th May.

And finally, Pete Caban and friends at his blues-get-up-and-give-it-a-blast afternoon at Pitcairngreen Inn - some amazing talent around here.