Tuesday, December 07, 2010

James Howard Kunstler - Clusterfuck Nation

If you've not heard of this guy have a read of Kunstler ripping into the General State of Things in the USA on his blog, Clusterfuck Nation. Sometimes compared to Hunter S. Thompson, he certainly rips into the deceit, complacency and catastrophe-waiting-to-happen all around. Here is a couple of extracts from "The Jobs Picture"

"The clarion cries of "recovery" cut painfully through the crisp pre-Christmas air while the now-perpetually unemployed huddle in their tents around the Sacramento delta, and the state AGs slug it out with the foreclosure goons, and not a few mortgage payment drop-outs enjoy luxury living in McMansions with no monthly carrying costs, and the minions of Goldman Sachs (with fellow squids) groom their beaks waiting for the massive chum slick of bonus checks to be dropped by helicopters in this the third holiday season since Wall Street committed suicide by an overdose of Ponzi."

Yeah! and...

"If you want something like gainful employment in the years ahead, don't rely on the corporations, the government, or anyone with a work station equipped cubicle. Start reading up on gardening and harness repair. Learn how to fix a pair of shoes. Volunteer for EMT duty if you're already out of a paycheck, and learn how to comfort people in medical distress. Jobs of the future will be hands-on and direct. I have no idea what medium of exchange you'll get paid with, but a chicken is a good start."

I think he's right...and are we far behind in the UK...?

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