Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Duck delivery service

Here are four ducks en route from a breeder in Kent to a home in the highlands with Sue and Tober at Tombreck. These are Super Ducks, sorry, I've forgotten the name of the breed, which lay an egg a day as well as chomping up slugs and other pests without destroying plants. Chickens tend to scratch up plants but, having webbed feet, ducks don't.

The journey took two days - it must be a long time to be kept inside a cardboard box.

Handing the ducks over to Sue...

...and here are the ducks a week later safely in their new home inside Sue and Tober's poly-tunnel, complete with mini pond and all the duck food you could ask for. They were still very shy, the journey seemed to have been a bit traumatic for them. Maybe they take a while to adjust to being 500 miles further North as much as anything else; if anyone knows any tips towards happy duck transportation please let me know. Hopefully they will be up to full duck power before too long.

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