Thursday, April 08, 2010


I've been to some beautiful places visiting permaculture and other projects over the last few years but the best part of the whole journey has been meeting so many amazing inspirational people. Gentle, intelligent, funny, tough, hard-working, thoughtful, cooperative, sensitive, interesting people, with the same sort of open-mindedness I remember at university but with the added wisdom of years of life experience.

It's often the lack of skill that is impressive - it doesn't stop people doing things and learning as they go along. C had hardly any experience of growing food but it didn't stop him taking on a hill farm. There's an amazing resourcefulness and just-get-it-done-ness, like S cutting slots in a tree trunk with a chainsaw by torchlight at night. Toughness: E setting off from Denmark to hitch to Wales in winter temperatures of minus 10. That's just the tip of this amazing iceberg of spirit. There's a network of people like this all over the world and I think it's the most heartening thing we have for the future.

I'm planning to make a better index for the blog so you can get to the bits that interest you more easily - I hope you feel inspired too!

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