Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bronze Age in the Borders

I had a lovely few days near Kelso with my old friend Alex, her husband Mick and their boy Joe at their house in the Border's countryside near Kelso. Alex and I did the first level of CranioSacral Therapy together many years ago (Alex's infectious laugh used to spark the whole group off)  and we went on to work together at the Centre for Natural Health in Perth - so lot's of fun catching up to be had! As I meet up with people in my travels I find again and again that the intelligent, well-informed, open minded people realise that Big Change has already started to happen and that the implications for daily life will be pretty radical. Mick and Alex are no exception and we talked lots and lots about growing food and their dreams of making a woodland low impact home as well as the day to day stuff of treading more lightly on the planet. Alex and I made some experimental milk substitutes with sprouted seeds - aduki bean milk tasted a bit odd but almond milk has definite potential.
I hadn't really spent much time with Mick before. His interests range far and wide, from Neolithic civilisation to science fiction to whales and dinosaurs and all the experience and observation of many years work in NHS healthcare - so a fascinating guy to spend time with.

Mick with a model of a fantasy creature from a Science Fiction book he is writing... 

...and another beast from Mick's fevered imagination.

I believe all our knowledge of Neolithic people and others who lived in balance with their world will become more and more relevant. Mick is interested in the Bronze Age life of the Naue II period, about 1200BC and has made a replica of an early version of the kilt worn in that period. It's a versatile item of clothing which can be worn in many ways, as a hooded cloak or slung over a shoulder.

Mick looking the part with Bronze Age sword, spear and shield completing the outfit.

Simple looms produced a forerunner of tartan with wool from differently coloured sheep. These people may have lived in round houses with many features of the those at the Lammas project. There's a wealth of ancient wisdom we could do well to re-learn.

Joe and I had great fun making monsters too - ours were made out of lego though

Mick and Alex kindly gave me a lift from Kelso to Carlisle - very welcome, Big Thanks again you two!

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Alex said...

Glad you made it safely to Wales my friend. You are an inspiration to those of us who are still struggling to divest ourselves of stuff! Good luck and happy trails x