Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dimensions beyond 3D space and time

 6d - Hypercube (Tesseract) from Too Lang on Vimeo.

My understanding is that part of the evolution of life on Earth is the development of our ability to perceive and work within dimensions beyond 3D space and time. My therapy work has been going off into extraordinary directions recently (see Distant Treatment Group page on my health website). I met a very interesting guy, John Wragg, during the October PDC course, an artist working at Sych Pwll who is exploring, amongst other things, the shadows cast by objects with five or more dimensions onto 2D surfaces. The video clip above is just that. Do have a look at this page on my health site too: Further Dimensions - Art & Healing. My hope is that we can learn and relearn skills and come to a deeper understanding of how life works just in the nick of time...

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