Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life on the Farm...

Here's a few photos of everyday life on the farm, (one of them has been photoshopped a wee bit, I wonder which one??)  Living and working on the farm is going really well, above all it's a great bunch of people to be with... with or without Billy Gibbons...
Billy Gibbons looks in at the farm butchery to give advice on how to make sausage rolls and wear two hats at once
Settling in to the caravan...
...and very comfy it is too
We've been spending time getting the polytunnel and veg garden going again
Polytunnel with its new door fiitted
Fixing up the gate into the veg garden... it's a bit different to repairing guitars
Ruth's been very busy working on the veg beds
Ruth's helpers
Great to be renovating the orchard...
...high level pruning by Wes
The oldest part of the farm, the farmhouse itself, dates back to the 1600's or earlier and the rest of the farm has been built up around it since then, so there's endless repairs to be done as well as new work re-rigging the farm for the transition to sustainable living
The endless repairs leave us with this kind of multi-material situation
Collecting sticks from around the edge of one of the fields so that they won't damage the grass cutters - just a few issues to think about there...
The guys putting up the massive solar array on the roof of what will be the bunkhouse - now generating about 17kw on average, about a third of the farms electricity usage
After all the work time for a party in the newly refurbished collecting yard/surf shack - thanks for the beer Ian :-)) !!

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