Sunday, May 06, 2012

Treflach Polytunnel Renovation

Amongst many other jobs here at Treflach Farm, we've been really busy in the polytunnel. Back in January it was beginning to look as if "it had seen better times" as my folks would have said. We put on new doors and took out the old sleepers which gave off an over-powering smell of tar in any heat let alone any leaching. We're making the new beds so that they sit level on the tunnel's 1:10 slope in a kind of cascading terrace arrangement. Lots of stuff growing already...

"seen better days..."
New doors...
...and out with the old creosote-minging sleepers
Bye for now old creosote-minging sleepers - a new role awaits you in the pig field
The first new bed, much narrower for easy access
...and in a cascading terrace kind of arrangement on the 1:10 slope
It's always nice to get another use out of something - here an old drawer front fills up a gap
Lots of stuff growing already
with plenty more seedlings waiting for space
Wes and Ruth celebrating the first completed row

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