Saturday, May 18, 2013

Energy Medicine and Healing Work - going up a level - my new energy work blog

The energy medicine/healing work I've been exploring has gone up a level recently, lots of people have been joining in with the regular session I host, the Thursday Group. It doesn't seem to matter how far away they are or how many people join in, many of them receive significant help for a wide range of concerns. Our group is just one of many springing up around the world and Energy Medicine must be one of the biggest rays of sunshine amid all the dire news of the climate and conflict.
  • Through a significant boost to world health - so many people receive little or no healthcare of any kind - the network of healing energy is a good start and can be surprisingly helpful for many people, and it's free. 
  • As part of living sustainably - Energy Medicine needs little or no equipment or electricity and, in the case of distant sessions, you don't even have to travel for treatment. Surely the more we can help people in this simple, low-impact way the better.
  • By raising our awareness of and respect for each other: The world's problems are mostly people problems - the more we understand ourselves, what motivates us and helps us to work together the better.
More on my new site here:

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