Monday, January 12, 2009

Interesting Film - Zeitgeist Addendum

Here's an interesting film for you on youtube:
Zeitgeist Addendum
It looks at money amongst other things and the way that banks can magically turn a 1,000,000 into 10,000,000 or more...
Fascinating: the film also talks about a case from 1968 involving a certain Mr Jerome Daly (the Defendant) who was an attorney whose house was being foreclosed upon because he stopped paying his mortgage of 14,000 dollars. The Plaintiff, the First National Bank of Montgomery, brought him to court for the foreclosure process. Daly decided to defend himself since he was a lawyer. Daly’s argument was that he owed the bank nothing because the "money" that they put up to purchase the house was not actually money because the bank had created it out of thin air. He won the case.
Very interesting and well worth a look - more about the case at foreclosurefish and jail4udges with documents from the trial at lawlibrary.

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