Monday, January 12, 2009

Try some WWOOFing in 2009...

No it's nothing to do with dogs or low frequency speakers... WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms and its a brilliant organisation which puts you in touch with farms all over the world that need a helping hand. The deal is usually that you work a number of hours a week in return for board and lodging. Check out their site: WWOOF

Diggers and Dreamers
I made contact with Chickenshack and Monimail through another interesting organisation, Diggers and Dreamers. It's focus is more on alternative communities. Their site: Diggers and Dreamers. The link should go conveniently to the Findhorn page.

Volunteering through either channel will give you a glimpse of the practical process of moving towards a sustainable future and the hosts are always very glad of a bit of extra help. Why not have an eco holiday this year? I've visited some beautiful places in 2008 and met some of the most interesting, thoughtful, fun and healthiest people you could hope to meet.

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