Saturday, January 23, 2010

Latest Steve Stuff - Permaculture Courses and Blog

Check out Steve Jones' latest Permaculture Design Course coming up 15th - 29th May 2010 and read about Permaculture etc on his excellent new blog - lots of thought provoking, fascinating inspiring stuff. As Steve says, "Trying to make sense of living in a crazy time", maybe the craziest time ever?

ON PEAK OIL, Steve: "Oil prices are creeping up again – bare in mind especially that the $85 per barrel mark seems to be where the US economy goes into melt down, I cant help but think that 2010 could well be the year we hit the big energy crunch. The mad wavering of the oil price is part of what is predicted in Peak Oil theory, considering how dependent we are on oil for everything, this is something that we should be really concerned about."

Too damned right we should be concerned about it but here we are en masse drifting along pretty much as before. Two separate psychic sources have predicted total collapse of the international financial system in February this year, my own intuition is its not far away...

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