Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lammas - roof on Nigel and Cassie's roundhouse

I have been travelling around with a van load off stuff after moving out from Debi's. Thanks to all my friends who are looking after things for me - I dropped off stuff in Wales, England and Scotland, if I just had some stuff in Northern Ireland too I guess that would be the whole of the UK...

My yurt is now at Lammas - it was good to catch up with Nigel and see the progress on their roundhouse. Their roof is on and they have part of the wall up too.Above you can see how the straw bales locate on to the low stone wall I helped to build.

And here is Nigel himself looking unusually dry...

If you are interested in straw bale building/roundhouses, Willy and Wendy have kept a blog on the straw bale house they have built at Tombreck: click here and Espion has put up some great photos of the work on Simon and Jasmine's roundhouse at Lammas: click here

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