Sunday, December 27, 2009

Copenhagen - bad news and good news

CopenBollox...Well, I never held up much hope for top-down, business-as-usual, perpetual-growth solutions to everything.

The good news is that there really is a tremendous amount of constructive stuff happening and you can read about in these pages. Solutions are already coming from the roots-up, from individuals and small groups working together on projects. Co-operation, respect for all life, transition from heavy use of energy and resources - it's all happening and the more it happens the easier it is for other people to start their own projects.

1. Debt
We don't seem to be served well by a currency based on a froth of debt. Instead it seems to lock us into the very problems which are endangering all life on Earth. What effect would it have if we used a currency based on living trees or areas of forest? Or could we just co-operate, tune into our collective consciousness and do without any currency?

2. Sustainable city life
It's easy to see that people can survive out in the countryside given time and conditions to get their food, fuel and shelter set up. But how do people in cities get access to enough land to support themselves while the resources they currently depend on vanish?

These are two of the areas I plan to explore further this year - and the spirit and creativity I've already found in people makes me really hopeful for the future!

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