Thursday, February 04, 2010

Life after Debi

It's been a big change splitting up with Debi, my soulmate of six years. This time out here in the Portuguese wilds has let me mull everything over.

I always found living on the South Coast with Debi and her three boys difficult - all the traffic and stress, a life revolving around cars and supermarkets, an underlying feeling that we humans had squeezed every last drop of profit and life out of the land around us and my instincts saying louder and louder that the big crash is not far away. So it's a relief to be away from all that. In the end its mainly been the different ways of living we are looking for that has brought us to our fork in the road - I feel there's no time to lose in becoming part of a sustainable future whereas Debi and the kids prefer to carry on with what they know.

The picture above is one of Debi from my photo website: Earth Energy Images - she was very photogenic, always looked different, often totally gorgeous. These photos will always remind me of all the wonderful times we had together.

Anytime I feel that life is hard or lonely now I just think of all the extraordinary people I have met recently, and of the old friends I have re-met and I feel better straight away - there's a worldwide evolutionary hyper-family in the making...

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