Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice to have a peaceful little farm in the wilds of Portugal?

If this thought ever crosses your mind just you go and have a few stiff drinks and then sit in a nice warm bath or something until the thought uncrosses your mind...

...this must be just one of the most beautiful, peaceful places to be anywhere - but getting set up out here is not for the faint-hearted. The tangled bureaucracy is infuriating even if, like Janet and Clive, you speak Portuguese fluently. Clive has written much in his own blogging about the ups and downs of having anything built out here - click here for Clive's Quinta Blog. Then there are many other little flies in the ointment like the "hunters" who have the right to roam freely through the area firing off their blunderbusses at wildlife however small, right down to thrushes. (Clive and I reckon it would be a much better sport if the birds had guns too). It's not a good idea to confront these guys though as the Rambo-clad warriors may also be the local police or other worthies... is bloomin gorgeous out here though all the same! Janet and Clive 35 acres here and are still exploring their land after three years, finding olive and other trees that they didn't even know were there. There's a huge variety of growing areas, parts are strewn with giant boulders, there are thousands of trees and a family of wild boar haunt the upper areas. Their hard work and persistence is paying off already though and the vineyards and olivals are beginning to look really good.

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