Thursday, February 04, 2010

NEW GROWTH - sustainable framework in sight

I've also had time while pruning all these olive trees to think about my own short term future. My immediate plans when I get back to the UK are to work in Wales for a while at Lammas and also in the area around the project. Lammas is a brilliant project, see the posts below, I'm sure it will prove to be a turning point and help many other similar projects to get going. One of my dreams is to be part of something like Lammas in Scotland which my daughters, Amanda and Laura and their children can get involved with as well if it's appropriate for them.

As well as doing my therapy work, I would love to help to start up a tree nursery, an orchard renovation service, a residential treatment/retreat centre, help to develop courses in sustainable topics and carry on with low impact building work. It's mostly stuff I've done before but at last this is an opportunity to do it all within the framework of a developing sustainable community.

More and more people are getting seriously concerned about the future. One of my patients told me about a book he was reading set in Tokyo just after the Second World War and the grim time that people had trying to find food. They used to travel out by train to the surrounding countryside to try to buy food, barter for it or steal it from farmers. I wonder if that's a pre-shadow of what life could be like in the UK for city dwellers one day not too far away? What food would we be able to get at a UK agri-business farm anyway?

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