Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting ready for the road again...

I'm leaving my flat in Perth on the 7th July - more about why in my post below, "On the road again."

Now I've sold my car I'll get a decent touring bike and trailer then cycle down to Wales first of all, stopping off with friends or camping on the way. In Wales I'm hoping to work with Steve Jones on the Workhouse project and with any of the other stuff he's got on the go. My aims generally are to:

  • Be part of the transition process
  • Explore what people are doing towards a sustainable way of life
  • Push the boundaries of what's possible with therapy and healing work
  • Bring the therapy/healing world more into the eco world
  • Treat people, do woodwork, prune trees or any other work I can do in return for food and shelter, there's lots about what I've been doing in this blog & all about my therapy/healing work here
  • Meet more of these inspirational people out there
  • Tell everyone about the stuff they are doing
  • Spread ideas, techniques, inspiration
  • And have fun and never forget to Boogie!
If you have a project on the go that needs help or if you would like some treatment please get in touch,
more soon...

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