Sunday, June 20, 2010


The Tay estuary from a back road near Perth
 Sadly, I've not managed to build up much work in Perth and I'm going to have to leave my flat and move on...

When I moved back up here to Perth in March I was hoping to pick up patients again to the level I had before in 2003 reasonably quickly. Then I hoped to get involved with a long term eco-project, a McLammas maybe. It's just not happened, in spite of putting a lot of time into a website, leaflets, google-ads, doing promotional treatments and all that stuff. I've applied for jobs as well, including one as a Climate Change Communicator, but nothing's come of that. I've been working away on my photos too with some success - but not enough too keep going here. I've still got much more going out than coming in and I've built up a fair old credit card debt. So I'm going to sell my car, arrange what I can with the card companies and head off by push-bike, bus or whatever.

Laura and I on our photo stand for Art on the River - a few sales, mostly of pyramids.
 It's been a strange time here. It's been wonderful to be near my girls and I've really appreciated having my own space and all the conveniences of the flat, the washing machine, fridge and hot water and light at the flick of a switch. Everything is so convenient in Perth too, it's a big enough town to have most of the stuff you might need, all within an easy walking area of about twelve blocks. A fifteen minute walk gets me out of town into the lovely woodlands on Kinnoull Hill. I don't think January and February would be so much fun in the flat though - there's partial double glazing by way of insulation and that's it...and it's all electric. The building opposite me is still being repaired after damage from burst pipes in the winter.

Bad Head Day - I know how it feels...
So very mixed emotions, feeling a failure and an even bigger feckless misfit than ever. But the few treatments I have been giving have been really helpful for people and I'm learning extraordinary new stuff too - so frustration as well. Deep depression and a terrible weariness, and through all of it still dealing with splitting up with Debi - waves of intense emotion, bitterness, rage, soul-deep sadness and lots and lots of self-pity. Huge thanks to my friends and family up here for all their support through the times when I'd pretty much given up. Treatments have helped me to learn some lessons and come out the other side. At the end of the day our lives are completely our own responsibility and you can really only work on yourself. More about treatments and stuff on my therapy website.

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