Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orange Parade

I thought this must be something to do with mobile phones or EasyJet but no - it's a giant gathering of Protestants. I associate all this with the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland which has so often featured in the news over the years. So it was a bit strange to see the bowler hats, sashes, uniforms, fifes and drums in Perth - although there is a strong Protestant connection here via John Knox. Personally, I'm a devout agnostic so don't have much time for the religious content of the parade. The baton twirling and uniforms are fun though! But not as much fun as Gay Pride - why not combine the two? Gay Orange Pride maybe?

...and another...

..good catch!

Bit dour looking this lot...

That's more like it! Follow those legs!

LOL? Lots of Love? Lots of Laughs? Laugh Out Loud???

Crazy drum man!

Even pith helmets - what a great range of colours and styles of uniform! A cross between the United Nations and the Panto...or something...

 It all ended up with a giant milling about on the South Inch and major repairs to drums no doubt.

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