Friday, June 06, 2008

Portugal - part three

On the left: Rush Hour! Twice a day the peace was disturbed a bit when this shepherd travelled across the quinta with his flock of sheep, goats, clanking bells and a lot of dogs - usually stopping for a bit of a chat or at least giving a huge long-distance wave.
On the right: Boulders - well how did those get there? Fans of Velikovsky will find much to muse on strolling amongst the giant boulders strewn mostly about the higher areas of the quinta.

On the left: the late afternoon view from an olive tree looking up to the farmhouse and giving an idea of the size of the quinta.
On the right: a beautiful sunrise over the misty valley seen from the top of the quinta on my last day there. You'll have to imagine the scent of the air though - ccol, fresh, moist, filled with wild lavender - gorgeous!
Big big thanks for a wonderful experience to Janet and Clive, all the best, lots of love and hope to see you soon.

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