Friday, June 06, 2008

Quinta Serrinha - Portugal, Feb 2008 - Part One

I spent a wonderful couple of weeks earlier this year with Janet and Clive lending a hand in bringing their hill farm back to life. The place had been pretty much abandoned for several years and there were vines to de-bramble and lots of olive trees to prune. The farmhouse had no electricity and no running water but that lent an extra magic and simplicity to place. We chatted on about plants, healing work (Janet practises EFT) and everything else by the light of candles and the open fire.
It's a beautiful place - a little hill farm in one of the least developed parts of Europe. Farming is going on there pretty much as it has done for a couple of thousand years or longer. Its pretty much organic, largely self-sufficient - Permaculture without realising it? I hope it can trundle along on for many more thousands of years.
All the water we used came from the hand-cranked well in the village, for drinking, cooking, washing and also for the loo. I hear from Clive that the farm is on mains power and water now though.

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