Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunflower Seeds - just a short rant...

Yesterday, I called into that great Temple To Ill Health - Portslade Tesco's. Oh dear...oh dear...oh dear...We must be one of the sickest societies ever on the planet and no wonder if this is the sort of rubbish we eat.

Aisle after aisle of sugary-wheaty-sludgey-fatty-dairy stuff. Even the fruit and veg are just pale imitations of the real thing. Grown on impoverished soils, with tons of chemicals, not fresh, not ripe, packaged and repackaged and food-miled to Outer Mongolia and back.

I'm not particularly having a go at Tesco's - it's only there because we've all bought into it and we're all responsible for the rubbish we're generally being offered as food. I don't agree with "us" and "them" categorisation - to me there's only "us". I suppose I'm having a go at us.

However you can find a few good things at Portslade Tesco's, eg sunflower seeds. They are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat - particularly if you soak them to start the germination process. Edward Cairney in his excellent book "The Sprouters Handbook" says they are "almost a complete food." (If you don't already sprout seeds it's one of the tastiest, healthiest and cheapest things you could look into.)

There are packs of sunflower seeds at Portslade Tesco's at 125gm for 99p, not organic. However, almost next door, Paul and Lorraine at Healthlink are selling 500gm packs of organic sunflower seeds for £1.55 - that makes Tesco's more than two and a half times more expensive by weight for poorer quality on that one.....well, well.

More ranting and raving about food and health soon...

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Judy said...

Good post - I grow them as greens in trays. How is the walk going? Judy Barber,