Friday, June 06, 2008

A peaceful few days at Monimail Tower Project

Many thanks to Louise, Elly, Adam and James for all their friendly hospitality recently. What a great bunch they are! It was really good fun working with them and fascinating to see their version of eco-cooperative living in action. This is the Segal-designed house at Monimail set in the enormous walled garden. It's a very pleasant space to live in - light and roomy. Click here to see more about Monimail on the Diggers and Dreamers site.

They have tons of food growing there - much of it in poly tunnels or under netting. There's always something fresh from the garden and what they don't grow they buy in from an organic wholesaler, so they don't go to supermarkets at all - fantastic! It's obviously much cheaper but also super-healthy to - no wonder their two babies look so healthy and bouncy. (I will be having a good RANT soon about the general poor quality of food in this country and the effect on our health - don't miss that ... )

The walled garden is set in acres of woodland and they are self-sufficient for heating. There is plenty of raw material for all sorts of projects; while I was their I helped make a gate for an opening in the walled garden ... I hope it keeps those rabbits out ...

Thanks once again you lot, good luck with all your projects and hoping to see you again soon.

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